Puppy and dog potty breaks



We customize drop-in visits to let your puppy out for a potty break according to your puppy’s age.




We’ll teach your puppy to walk on a leash and provide basic training so your puppy has better behavior.




Focus on your career and we’ll focus on taking care of the tedious aspects of raising a puppy.




Frequent interaction is crucial for a puppy’s development. Your puppy will look forward to its visits.


Puppies are cute. Puppies are Fun. Puppies are a lot of work.

Our Puppy Care Program Lets You Focus On Your Career.

Who doesn’t love puppies? But let’s face it, puppies are a lot of work. They’re challenging if you work long hours and can’t make it home during the day to let your new puppy out for a potty break every few hours.

Our puppy care program is perfect for puppy parents who want to focus on their careers without worrying about how they’re going to raise a new puppy. Our bonded and insured Northern Virginia pet sitters will customize a program specific to your puppy’s age.

We’ll drop in and provide potty breaks throughout the day, provide fresh food and water, teach your puppy how to walk on a leash, and teach your puppy good manners.

Service Areas: Our puppy pet sitting program is available in the following locations in Northern Virginia: Arna Valley, Ballston, Barcroft, Bluemont, Cherrydale, Courthouse, Columbia Forest, Columbia Heights, Crystal City, Glencarlyn, Highview Park, Lyon Village, Pentagon City, Penrose, Rosslyn, Shirlington, Virginia Square, Westover, Williamsburg, and Yorktown.

How Does Your Puppy Program Work?

Register as a new client.

Sign up to become a new client and complete the contact us form. You’ll provide detailed care instructions for your puppy.

Schedule a meet and greet in your home.

Once we get your completed profile, we’ll schedule a meet and greet in your home. You’ll get to meet your pet sitter, where you’ll review your puppy’s routine.

We will customize a schedule based on your puppy's age.

Puppies can generally hold their bladder one hour for every month of age. We’ll start with more frequent visits the younger your puppy and gradually increase the length of time between visits as your puppy ages.

Focus on your career, and we'll handle the rest.

We will automate your scheduling and billing, so there’s nothing more for you to do. We’ll send visit report cards and pictures after each visit, so you know what’s going on with your puppy. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is your career.

Tell Me More About Your Puppy Care Program.

We know your new puppy means the world to you and is an essential part of your family. We also know it’s tough to trust just anyone to care for your new puppy. With over 300 happy clients and more than four years of experience, Pet Sitting 4 Comfort (PS4C) provides trusted and dependable care to puppies in Northern Virginia every day.

We’d love the opportunity to meet with you and your puppy and become a trusted part of your puppy’s development.

Frequently asked questions

Are you bonded and insured?

We absolutely are! We are a full time, highly professional pet sitting business that takes our reputation very seriously. We wouldn't have over 300 clients if we weren't dependable and trustworthy.

Do you adminster medications?

We do! We are highly experienced in administering to pets. Whether it's liquid medications, pills, injections, subcutaneous fluids or inhalers, we do it all! At the meet and greet we will document your pet's routine and ensure your pet's profile is updated in our system so their information is at our fingetips during overnight and pet sitting services.

How many visits per day does my puppy need?

Tis depends on your puppy's age. Puppys can generally hold their bladder for one hour for reach month of age. So a puppy two months old should have a potty break every two hours. A puppy that is three months old should have a potty break every three hours. Depending on your work schedule, puppies get 2-4 visits per day.

What days of the week do you provide service?

We provide service 7 days per week between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm.

How long is each visit?

Each visit is 20 - 30 minutes, depending on the needs of your puppy.

What services do you provide at each visit?

We customize each visit according to the needs of your puppy. We'll provie fresh food and water, playtime, a walk, train thm to walk on a leash, teach them good manners and send you a report card and photos after each visit.

How does billing work?

We bill on a weekly basis for our puppy care program. Payments are billed to your email with a link to your invoice.

What If I'm off work for a day?

No problem. We know life happens. When you enroll in our puppy care program, simply let us know by 7:00 am and we'll cancel scheduled visits for the day.