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Bird Care Tips!

March 3, 2021

  • Use a small, hand vacuum for quick cleanups. Vacuum or sweep up feathers at least once each day.

  • Keep perches free of dried droppings to help avoid illness and sore feet. Scrape the perches. Clean with sandpaper. A putty knife can also be used to loosen the debris from the perch.

  • Disinfect perches in bleach and dry them in the sun.

  • If your bird is not tame, buy a spare cage to transfer it to while you clean the primary cage.

  • Change paper on cage bottoms every day.

  • NEVER use paper printed with colored inks. Many of these inks are toxic to birds.

  • When cutting newspapers to line the bottom of the cage, cut several sections at once. Remove one or two layers daily to help ease cleanup.

  • Birds probably enjoy music as much as you do. Tune in to a favorite radio station, especially when you are away from the house.

  • Tie undyed leather shoelaces into complicated knots, and then hang this toy from the top of the cage. Birds will love untying the knots and chewing on the leather.

  • Offer bird balls with bells. These balls, which are usually made for cats, will allow birds to entertain themselves for hours.

  • Allow bird plenty of supervised playtime outside the cage every day.

  • Do not offer bird foods or drinks that contain caffeine, such as chocolate or coffee. Caffeine is potentially toxic to birds.

  • Add chili peppers to the birds' diet. There are many varieties; they are nutritious and most birds enjoy them. Bones with some meat left on are relished by many birds, as are pork and beef bones. These bones are an excellent source of protein. Be sure that the meat is well cooked.

Watch closely for any of the following signs of illness in birds.

  • Change in character or number of droppings.

  • Change in food or water consumption.

  • Change in appearance or posture. (Ruffled feathers, eyes closed, droopy stance.)

  • Noticeable breathing at rest or heavy breathing after exercise.

  • Any enlargement-even fat in a bird is abnormal!!!

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