Effective: January 26, 2022

Booking Policy

Client Portal (Time To Pet System)

It is the client's responsibility to ensure pet sitting dates are requested, rescheduling (request change), or cancel services. We will not accept requests through text, call, or email. If you need technical support, we're happy to help!*


Unless made through the Time to Pet portal, no appointments, agreements, or conversations are binding.


The portal ensures your requests are seen in our system and gives you peace of mind knowing that your pets are on schedule.


*If you have not activated your account or need us to resend a welcome email invite from Time to Pet with an activation link, let us know by emailing:


Registration Packet

We have the right to refuse service if required online forms are incomplete before commencing services.


Complete your Time To Pet profile by: 

  1. Activating your account with a welcome link sent to your primary email to contact us.

  2. Review/sign service agreements

  3. Fill out Client and Pet information.

  4. Request services by selecting dates/time slots needed to assure booking date requests are reserved before the required pre-service meet & greet at your home. 

  5. Receive a confirmation email with the service request approved by us

Booking (Flexible Scheduling)

We provide visits during specific time windows. We cannot guarantee a particular arrival time, but we guarantee we'll show up during your requested window*

Unless otherwise agreed, pet visits will be considered “Morning, Mid-Day, Evening, or Night slots" to be completed within our service hours of 6:30 am to 11:30 pm. We cannot guarantee our visit's exact time due to traffic, parking, weather, the unpredictability of animals, etc. Particularly during inclement weather or road blockages, when driving/parking conditions are poor and transit times become 2-3 times longer than usual, we may reorganize our visit route and start our path earlier to get to every visit for that day safely.


These slots will be shown when making an online request through the portal as we ask for a 1 to 3-hour visit window:

  • Morning (6:30 am - 10 am)

  • Late Morning (10 am - 12 pm)

  • Mid-Day (12 am - 3 pm)

  • Late-Afternoon (3 pm - 5 pm)

  • Evening (5 pm - 8 pm)

  • Night (8 pm - 11:30 pm)


You can request up to 4 visits per day. 


*We understand wanting to keep your pets on their regular schedule, as pets thrive on routine, and we will make every effort to reach your pet close to your requested times, especially if the pet needs medication or is physically frail.

Managing Bookings

All appointments are submitted via the client portal (we will not accept requests or schedule changes by email, text, or phone calls). Please note that your reservations are not confirmed until you receive an emailed reply or can also check your account to see if the requested dates changed from pending to scheduled. Take a moment to review the confirmation carefully. If it is incorrect or your travel plans have changed, you must notify us immediately through the Portal to make the necessary adjustments.


If you return early or late from a trip, request service change or cancel services on the Portal to assure you avoid cancelation fees. If needed, we can continue caring for your pet until you arrive home safely by booking a standard visit (20 to 30 min) or a quick visit (10 to 15 min).


Remember to schedule accordingly. If your pet's care takes longer than your requested service time session of 20 to 30 min, we will charge it to either 45 min or 60 min drop-in visit rates.

Monthly Plans

If you plan to use us monthly, we have a membership program. Contact us or read the service description when requesting the portal for more information.

  • If you're a recurring monthly client, you'll be charged at the end of the month; otherwise, you will get an invoice after the last scheduled visit. 

Last-Minute Requests

We're more than happy to schedule pet care for last-minute needs, though we suggest booking ahead of time for holiday seasons to guarantee a specific time slot and standard visit of 20 to 30 min. Otherwise, we can reserve a quick visit of 10 to 15 min. 



If you want to reserve overnight sitting dates, we will add you to our waitlist. If it becomes available, you will be notified and will keep your request pending in our system. Otherwise, we can provide 20 to 30 min sessions for early morning, midday, evening, and night visits for clients with anxious or physically frail pets.


New Pet(s)

Please be sure to add new furry family members to your account in the Time to Pet portal. It’s the client’s responsibility to keep their account up to date on pet care and home instructions before commencing services. 

Visit Updates

You will get report cards for each visit, including arrival and departure times, GPS tracking, pet temperament/energy levels report, photos, and personal notes through the Time to Pet portal and app available on the Apple & Google Play store. Text updates are available if you’d like to opt-in, along with email updates.

GPS Tracking 

We use a GPS tracking program on our phone via an app that a pet sitting software company created. We check in via this app when arriving at the door or near the Client's home after finding public or paid parking and check out when leaving the home premise. The saved GPS coordinates are a timestamp of check-in and check-out and a location stamp at check-in and check-out.


Invoice Policy


Will be available on the Time to Pet portal to view estimates and pending balances on your account.


We understand that owning and taking care of a pet is a significant investment, so we make our services affordable and competitive with other bonded and insured businesses in the Arlington area. We offer an assortment of services at many different price points to accommodate all pet care budgets*


  • No additional pet fees

  • No weekend or late booking fees

  • No holiday surcharges

*Rates are determined by zip code and available on the portal when requesting services.


Payment is due in full three days after the last day of service.


Failure to pay in full within three days after completing services will be subject to late fees and refusal of future pet care services.


  • Pet Sitting 4 Comfort (PS4C) accepts all major credit cards, cash, ACH transfers from a checking account, Venmo, and Paypal.

  • Returned check fee ($20)

  • Cash or check payments can be sent to this billing address after notifying us about the payment method to credit your invoice account: 3393 Ardley Court, Falls Church, VA 22041


Gratuities may be left in cash, a separate check made out to PS4C, or added to your invoice at checkout. Gratuities are never expected but always appreciated!


We do not refund but instead offer a credit on your next service.  

Pre-Paid Invoices

You have the option to pre-pay to avoid late fees. If you cancel services after prepaying, your invoice account will show "open payments," and Time To Pet can apply it to future invoices.


Ex. You had an invoice for $100 that has been pre-paid and canceled one event ($20) that we did not charge you for if it was canceled on time. This reduces the total amount of the invoice to $80; this would automatically create an open payment of $20 and will be applied to future invoices.

Automatic Payment

It's the Client's responsibility to keep track of invoices and avoid late fees. The Time To Pet portal gives you automatic estimates for future services and helps keep track of pending balances after completing the last scheduled service. 


The Time To Pet system will send a reminder email to you the day before your card is set to be charged on the invoice due date.


If you would like to opt into our automatic payment system with a card on file, make a request through the Portal by clicking on:

  1. Scheduling

  2. +Request New Service

  3. Select Date to Start

  4. Select Service under Special Requests' Opt-In to Automatic Payments

  5. Review

  6. Submit Request


3% discount if you pay with a check or cash. Checks can be written out to Pet Sitting 4 Comfort or PS4C

Late Fees

  • $25 late fee if unpaid after the due date

  • $50 additional late fee if unpaid after ten days from the due date

  • $75 additional late fee if unpaid after 14 days from the due date

  • $100 additional late fee if unpaid after 21 days from the due date

  • After 30 days of failing to make a payment or communicating with us about setting up a payment plan, you will breach the contract, leading to refusal of future services, and we will send the billing dispute to small claims court.


When we book your services, we reserve a time slot(s) for you and your pets and have likely turned away other clients during this time. We understand that plans can change and appreciate the earliest notice to avoid cancellation fees and stay in good standing.


Day-Before Cancellations:$25 fee if the cancellation request through the Time To Pet portal is made after 10 pm the day before scheduled service(s). Late payment fees still apply if not paid by the due date.


Same-Day Cancellations: $50 fee if the cancellation request is made after 6:30 am on the day of service. Late payment fees still apply if not paid by the due date.


Overnight Sitting Cancellations: $120 fee if the cancellation request is made less than 72 hours before commencing services. Late payment fees still apply if not paid by the due date.


Cancellations for extended pet sitting & overnight bookings of 7 days or more: must be received at least five days in advance, or 30% of the invoice is due. If the cancellation is within 24 hours, 50% of the invoice is due. Late payment fees still apply if not paid by the due date.

Cancellation Fee Exemption

We will waive cancellation fees if roads are undrivable due to snow or extreme weather conditions. We will prioritize taking care of clients' pets out of town when roads are safer to drive or use public transportation to avoid getting our work vehicles stuck in the road; this may cause a delay in the requested time slot visit.

Key Policy

Key Handling Arrangements

We offer to keep your key on file & labeled in a secure lockbox at our home office; the best option for frequent travelers, monthly clients, and last-minute requests.


At the end of service, most clients opt to have us hold onto their keys in our business safe; this allows for future visits without requiring a key pickup. We do not leave keys behind on the final visit in the event you are delayed returning home. Key pickups and drop-offs need to be scheduled ahead of time. 

Key Pick-Up/Drop-Off Services

Requests are made through the Time to Pet portal by clicking on scheduling and selecting key pick-up ($20) or key drop-off ($20) services. You would receive a message through the portal when on route

Home Office Lockboxes

We have three lockboxes that you can use to drop off and pick up your home keys/fob. You can make a request through the Portal to pick one of the lockboxes that will also have instructions on how to get to our location (736 S Carlin Springs Rd, Arlington, VA 22204), times to avoid coming due to being located across Campbell Elementary School that causes high traffic during the weekday, and how to operate the lockbox with the designated passcode in the selected service description. This key handling option will help minimize the stress of coordinating a time to meet for key retrieval and optimize time with your pet instead of waiting for the concierge to provide access to the apartment/condo.

Apartments/Condominum Residents

If you decide to use concierge services, note that we start our visit timer when finish parking. If we have to wait for 5 to 15 minutes for staff to return and provide us a key or fob to access the home, we will notify you of the reduced time with your pet due to the delay in retrieving the key from the leasing staff.


Be sure to email the leasing office before your travel dates to confirm that Steve & Hong from Pet Sitting 4 Comfort (PS4C) have access to the home unit along with authorization to use the key/fob. Ask them to let us keep it until the last visit; that way, we can spend more time with your pet instead of waiting to receive a key from the concierge each time.

  • You can also leave an envelope with a key/fob at the concierge/leasing office, and we can grab it at the start of service and return it on the last visit. 

  • Be sure to check their operating hours if they are not a 24-hour service or have limited hours during the holidays, which may lead to issues with a visit time slot or leave us stranded with no way of entering your home to care for your pets.

Garage Home Entrance

We ask that you provide one key set to us. Even if you ask us to enter through an electric garage door or a door code, we still require keys in the event of a malfunction with the garage door. 

Client Lockboxes At Their Home

If you still do not feel comfortable providing a key, you can purchase a lockbox. We are not responsible for lockbox failures or if the key is not inside the lockbox.

Key Return by Mail

You may opt to have your keys returned by mail at your own risk and will be mailed via regular First Class mail – NOT certified or insured (no tracking); these options can be added at the standard postal rate.


Safety Policy


Clients must provide emergency contacts for home emergency issues (such as flooding, lock malfunction) and emergency pet care and custody. The same emergency contact can fulfill the two functions*. 


The client understands that in an emergency, we will make every attempt to contact you. If you cannot be reached, we have the following authorization:


  • In illness or injury, we will seek appropriate medical treatment for your pet. You understand that every effort will be made to take your pet to the vet clinic specified on the emergency form if the situation permits; however, we have the authority to seek treatment at any veterinary clinic.

  • Pet Sitting 4 Comfort LLC will be reimbursed within 14 days of the incident for veterinary fees and all related costs, including transportation fees.


*We appreciate it if you leave a short itinerary with any additional contact information such as hotel name and phone number that we may not have on file.

Inclement Weather

We request that you provide us with emergency backup relatives or neighbors who can help out during those times when road conditions prevent us from reaching your home. We will take every step possible to ensure your pet’s safety, which may require us to bring them home with us or find alternative boarding means.

Home Security

We do not use car decals for advertising purposes, which may alert people to your absence. We will post photos of our Client's pets on our website after you return home; images selected to include as little of the home as possible.

Safety (Dogs)

The safety of your dogs is of the utmost importance to us thus, we do not offer pack walks. 

We require a non-retractable leash and a harness, martingale, or no-slip collar to use during dog walking sessions.


Extreme weather conditions and temperatures can harm your dog. Therefore the following guidelines are generally adhered to:

  • If the outside temperature is over 90F, we may alter the typical routine. We may decide to limit outdoor time. We may keep the dog off the hot pavement and play some doggie games (fetch, frisbee, etc.) in a shaded area. We may let your dog outside for a quick potty break and spend the rest of the time indoors with the dog, engaging in some training, brushing de-shedding, or other activity the dog would find enjoyable.

  • If the outside temperature is below 40F, we may adjust the typical routine similar to #1 above.

  • If it is snowing or raining outside, we may still go on our standard walk. We will be sensitive to your dog's comfort and safety. If your dog displays signs of discomfort, we will bring them to a better-suited environment, such as in your home or our car, to warm up. We will still spend the agreed-upon time with your dog – we want them to be safe and comfortable.

  • If we find it necessary to make adjustments due to extreme weather, we will still spend the agreed amount of time with your pet. The only difference is that they may not be out walking for extended periods due to the dangers extreme weather conditions pose.


Be sure to provide towels (for rainy days) and cleaning products like waterless shampoo or medicated wipes to avoid reaction to ice and salt during the winter.

Safety (Cats)

The safety of your cats is of the utmost importance to us. Thus we do not let outdoor cats go outside while under our care. Cats and kittens must be seen a minimum of once a day during our care.  


If your cats are to be left outside (unattended) or have access to go out at will (as with a pet door) or screened-in porch, understand that we at Pet Sitting 4 Comfort, LLC will not be responsible for the care and safety of any animal in an uncontrolled environment.


We will clean up pet accidents to the best of our ability and notify you if we detect any damaged goods or medical concerns like persistent vomiting or diarrhea accidents inside your home.


If the cleaning situation calls for a professional cleaner, we reserve the right to turn the situation over to the homeowner when they return.


If you have valuable rugs, carpets, furniture, etc., please leave special instructions on how to care for any incidents involving these items.


If additional supplies are needed (determined by us), you will be responsible for reimbursing any charges incurred.

Health & Hygiene 

For visits, the Client is responsible for providing necessary supplies to clean hard surfaces that PS4C comes into contact with, including dish soap, running water, cleansing or disinfecting sprays, paper towels, and disinfecting wipes.


It is essential to wash hands with soap and water after petting, feeding, handling, or having any other contact with animals, their living quarters, or their waste. Washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and rubbing with sufficient friction helps to keep everyone safe. If we are unable to use a sink and soap at a client's home, we will use a hand sanitizer that we carry and keep in our car; we also have extra masks, a pet emergency bag, and disposable safety gloves.


Before agreeing to provide services, clients must notify Pet Sitting 4 Comfort when any housekeepers or other parties will be present and to schedule such services so that both parties can avoid being inside the home at the same time. Clients will notify Pet Sitting 4 Comfort if their pets have had recent contact with anyone who has had symptoms related to COVID-19, if the pet is exhibiting COVID-19-related symptoms, or has had recent access to the outdoors.


Medical Policy

Vet Tech Services

Pet Sitting 4 Comfort (PS4C) does not give any medical advice or prescribe medications. Our mission is to work with your veterinarian to offer your pet the best care at the lowest stress.


We offer the following vet tech services at the comfort of your own home:

  • At-home care lessons: Learn to do it yourself! Learn the proper medical techniques to care for your loving pet at home! 

  • Bladder Expression: Great option for dogs and cats that temporarily or permanently lost bladder control due to injuries, illnesses, or aging. A pet owner can learn to express their pet's bladder in the comfort of their own home with the help of our experienced veterinarian technician or needs someone to help with drop-in visits while busy with work or away on vacation. 

  • Subcutaneous Fluid Administration: Must be prescribed by a veterinarian. Owner to provide setup and fluids. Great for dogs and cats with renal disease!  

  • Medication/Injection Administration*: administer any medication(s) from insulin to chemotherapy drugs prescribed by your veterinarian. 

  • Wound Care/ Bandage Change: change the bandage and apply medication as prescribed by your veterinarian. Owner to supply bandage materials and medication as prescribed by a veterinarian


*If your pet is on new time-sensitive medications (i.e., insulin shots) please specify under additional notes when making a request.


Appointments that require both of us, Steve & Hong, to administer treatment(s) will result in your account being charged an additional $20 fee for each visit. We will notify you if this is the case and enact a better plan for future care.


All pets have to be current on their vaccinations. We require Rabies vaccinations and highly recommend DHLPP(Distemper) and Bordetella (for dogs). You may also have your veterinary clinic/hospital email them to us to confirm your pet's being up-to-date before we're able to provide services*


*The exception to our vaccine policy is pets exempt by their veterinarian due to old age or being immune-compromised. 

Annual Exams

We strongly recommend all our clients take their pets for an annual exam. It helps detect any developing problems like heart disease or illnesses that you may not know about initially.


Geriatric pets should have semi-annual veterinary visits instead of annual visits so signs of illness or other problems can be detected early and treated. Senior pet exams are similar to those for younger pets but are more in-depth and may include dental care, possible bloodwork, and specific checks for physical signs of diseases that are more likely in older pets.


We'll administer medications at no additional cost while under our care if your pet requires it. 


Service Policy

Service Area

Arlington, VA

  • 22201 | Clarendon

  • 22203 | Ballston

  • 22204 | Glencarlyn

  • 22209 | Rosslyn 


Receive $20 credited to your account for future pet sitting when referred friend or family member.


New Clients

Due to high demand, we are only taking new clients referrals in the following zip codes:


  • 22201 | Clarendon

  • 22203 | Ballston  

  • 22204 | Glencarlyn (not currently taking new clients)

  • 22209 | Rosslyn (limited)

Inactive Clients 

We will deactivate client accounts that haven't been used or activated after two years. When you are ready to reactivate your account, you can email us to send a reactivation link and can recommence services*


*Key on file will be safely disposed of if we do not hear from you six months after deactivating your account.

Out of Service Area 

If you move out of our service area (Arlington, VA), we will provide resources to help you find a local certified professional pet sitter that can also offer quality care for your fur babies*


*Failure to notify us of moving out of service area (i.e., moving to DC or Fairfax, VA) after pre-booking services and already out of town only leaving home access instructions can lead to charging out of service rate of $80 per visit (20 to 30 min session). 


If we aren't able to accommodate services, we'll provide you with resources to other reputable pet sitting businesses.

Out of Town

If we plan to go out of town for a few days, we'll notify you 4 to 6 months in advance through our email newsletter.


We are open 365 days per year. We do not charge additional fees on holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. 

Hours of Operation

Monday to Sunday

Office Hours: 9 am - 10 pm

Service hours: 6:30 am - 11:30 pm 

Holiday hours: 6 am- 11:59 pm


  • Vet Tech Visit: administering medications only (5 to 10 min)

  • Drop-In Visit (10 to 15 min)

  • Dog Walking (20 to 30 min)

  • Cat Visit (20 to 30 min)

  • Drop-In Visit (Multi-Species Pet Home: 20 to 30 min)

  • Vet Tech/Medical Visit: at-home care lessons (20 to 30 min)

  • Extended Drop-In Visit (45 min & 60 min sessions)

  • Extended Vet Tech/Medical Visit (45 min & 60 min sessions)

  • Overnight Sitting 

  • House Sitting (no pets)

  • Drop-Off Mail to FedEx/UPS/USPS Store

  • Key Pick-Up/Drop-Off

  • Pet Taxi (transportation for pet emergencies)

  • Basic Grooming (Nail Trim, Anal Gland Expression, Sanitary Trim, and Ear Cleaning)

Peace of Mind

We provide you with peace of mind by following the Pet Sitting 4 Comfort Peace of Mind Blueprint also found online at:

  • Five years of clinical background working as a veterinary technician before co-founding Pet Sitting 4 Comfort back in 2016 

  • Fear Free Certified® Professionals

  • Pet First Aid & CPR Trained

  • Members of leading professional pet sitters associations (PSI) and (NAPPS)

  • Ongoing Training & Education 

  • Safety: one-on-one care (no pack walks) & no car decals

  • Technology & Convenience: GPS-verified visits with our online client portal to request/manage pet care services and more!

  • Veterinarian Recommended 

  • Raving Reviews

  • Insured/Bonded


We highly encourage our clients to let us know what they love about the process and what suggestions they may have.