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Learn how to create a custom plan for your pet

All of our services are delivered by a team of trained Pet Care Specialists, all of whom are fully bonded and insured. Each visit includes a text or
e-mail updates with pictures of your pets.
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Like us, many pets require prescribed medications to prevent, control, or improve their health condition. Whether your pet has recently been neutered, diagnosed with an illness, or needs its monthly heartworm medication. We are available to make sure your pet gets its regular dose and offer to teach you how to do it at home-medications administered by an experienced Veterinary Technician. 


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The Relief Walk is a full 10-minute visit. Whether it’s just to let your dogs out to pee or just quick playtime in the backyard, these visits are perfect for a new puppy or senior dog that needs multiple daily visits.

The Standard Walk is a 20 to 30-minute visit that includes feeding and water change if needed. We can use this time to take your dog for a walk or playtime in the backyard. We are here for whatever you need!

The Extended Walk is a 50-minute visit that is perfect for high-energy dogs! Each visit includes a feeding and water change. We can take your dog for a long walk, playtime in the backyard, or hang out! The choice is yours!

Additional Services

Feeding — Medical Administration — Bring In Mail and Packages — Treats — Refresh Water Bowl


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Your pets are your best friends, and it’s hard to leave them behind when you go out of town. We know how difficult it is to find quality care for your pets.

Skip the kennel and let your pets stay in the comfort of their own home.

Belly rubs free of charge!



Going on vacation?  We have the perfect service for you! There is no better comfort than the comfort of home!  Your pets will enjoy the company and love of their favorite pet care specialist for the time when you are away.  

Ask us about packages for extended trips!


Cat cleaning

Leaving town for business?  Taking a vacation?  Have no fear! We are here to provide your feline friends with the best care and lots of TLC!  Each visit includes feeding, changing the litter box, medication administration, refreshing water bowls, and lots of cuddling.


cat groomed

Ranging from basic grooming needs (nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning)

Our additional services include the following:
Feeding Outdoor Cats
Small Mammal Care (Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets)
Fish Care
Additional Services 
House Sitting - Home Security Check — Trash — Mail — Watering Plants — Package Retrieval — Newspapers


If your pet needs medical care, and lives in the Northern Virginia area, please contact Cherrydale Veterinary Clinic for excellent and compassionate care. Click here to learn more about them. If you need after-hour emergency care, please contact Hope Advanced Veterinary Center or VCA Southpaws, both located in Fairfax, VA.