Customized Care For The Most Finicky 


Our specialty is making kitties purr! Your cats will get tons of love and affection while you’re away.


Your cat sitter will scoop litter boxes at each visit. We also provide litter box overhauls.


Just like humans, cats are social creatures. By having a play buddy, your cats will be happier.


We monitor for cat-specific health concerns like urinary tract infections. We are certified in pet first aid and CPR.

“Cats Choose Us. We Don’t Own Them.”

Cat Sitting In Your Own Home

Your cat trusts you explicitly. When you have the love and affection of a cat, you know you’ve done something right. The bond you’ve formed with your cat is deep, and you only want the best for them.

Our professional, insured, and bonded Pet Sitting 4 Comfort (PS4C) cat sitters have a genuine love for cats and know how much you love yours. Give your cat the best by allowing them to stay home where they’re most comfortable. No strange kennels or cat boarding facilities. Just pure, unadulterated love from a highly experienced cat sitter who will treat your kitty like royalty.

Service Areas: Our fully insured and bonded cat sitters are available in Northern Virginia: Arna Valley, Ballston, Barcroft, Cherrydale, Courthouse, Columbia Forest, Columbia Heights, Glencarlyn, Lyon Village, Pentagon City, Penrose, Rosslyn, Shirlington, and Virginia Square.

How does cat sitting work?

Register as a new client.

Sign up to become a new client and complete the contact us form. You’ll provide detailed care instructions for your puppy.

Schedule a meet and greet in your home.

Once we get your completed profile, we’ll schedule a meet and greet in your home. You’ll get to meet your pet sitter, where you’ll review your puppy’s routine.

Experience world-class, worry-free cat care while you're away.

When we say worry-free, we mean it. You’ll always know what’s going on with your pets thanks to our report cards and status updates at the conclusion of each visit.

Tell Me More About Your Cat Sitting Service.

Your cats expect to be treated like royalty. We’re happy to make that happen. Our experienced insured and bonded cat sitters will take the time to get to know your cat and will let your kitty dictate their daily activities.

Our PS4C cat sitters are genuine cat lovers who understand cat behavior. We know your cat will interact on its terms, and if you have a shy kitty, we’re happy to install a wireless camera near your cat’s food or litter box area so your cat sitter can keep tabs on your cat while you’re away.

Whether it’s chasing the laser light, playing hide-n-seek, or hunting for treats, your cat sitter will ensure your cat has plenty of stimulation and affection while you’re away.

Frequently asked questions

Will you give my cat medications?

Absolutely! We are highly experienced in adminstering medications to cats. We are able to administer subcutaneous fluids, insulin injections, pills and inhalation treatments.

What if my cat is shy and won't come out?

We understan that cats operate on their terms. If your cat is shy, your cat sitter will sit quietly and allow your cat time to adjust. Our cat sitters make it a point to put eyes on your cats during each visit to ensure their safety. On very rare occasions, cats may hide in which we will ascertain your kitty's health by checking the litter box and notating the volume of food and water being consumed. For really hide-and-seek champs, we'll offer to install a camera near your cat's food area so we can keep tabs on your feline family member.

Can you guarantee a specific time?

We provide cat sits during specific time windows. We cannot guarantee a specific arrival time, but we do guarantee we'll show up during your requested window. Most cat clients don't mind what time we arrive unless their cat is receiving medications or twice daily visits. In general, we schedule cat visits around more time-sensitive visits such as dog potty breaks, etc.

Will you provide references?

We invite you to check out our reviews on Google and Yelp. If after reviewing these reviews you're still not convinced, we're happy to provide you with contact information to clients who will happily serve as references.

What if my cat hides and you can't see them?

We are experienced with shy kitties. We never chase cats around the house. Our goal is to remain calm and allow your kitty to come out at their own pace. We have an option to place a wireless camera near your cat's food or litter box area to keep track of your cat while you're out of town. We do this at no charge.