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Cat Ringworm 101

June 2, 2021

What Is Ringworm?

A microscopic fungal organism that results in skin disease in animals and humans causes ringworm.

What Is The Most Important Cause In Cats?

Microsporum Canis is the main fungus responsible for 98% of cat fungal skin infections.

How Is Ringworm Spread?

Ringworm is spread by direct contact with an infected animal (or person), or with infected bedding and grooming tools.

Can Ringworm Be Spread To Other Species Of Animals?

Yes. The fungal organisms that cause ringworm are very contagious and can be spread from pet to pet, pet to human, or human to pet.

What Are The Signs Of Ringworm?

Early signs include dry, flaky skin, broken hair, and bald patches on ears, front legs and around the eyes. More advanced signs include crusty lesions and infected areas that become red and sore.

Why Is This Disease Called “Ringworm?”

Healing of the infected areas occurs from the center out, creating a ring effect, thus the name “ringworm.”

If My Pet Does Not Show Signs Of Ringworm, Does That Mean It’s Not Infected?

NO!!! Many cats do not show clinical signs of ringworm but are CARRIERS!

Which Cats Are Most Susceptible To Ringworm?

Ringworm is most common in young cats, and in cats with debilitating diseases.

How Does The Fungus Survive?

By invading the growing hair shaft and feeding on the protein contained in the hair and skin.

What Should I Do To Be Sure My Cat Is Not Infected?

All new cats and kittens you adopt should have a fungal culture performed to determine if it is a “carrier”!

Don’t take chances with the health of your pets and family members.

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