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Preventative Health Care Tips For Dogs

July 14, 2021

These suggestions will enable you to provide the best health care for your dog!

ANNUAL PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: A year between physical examinations for your dog is like seven years between annual examinations for us.

Annual Vaccinations against:

  • Canine Distemper

  • Canine Hepatitis

  • Leptospirosis

  • Parainfluenza

  • Parvovirus

  • Coronavirus

  • Bordetella Bronchitis

  • Rabies


  • Some of these vaccinations are combined for fewer injections.

  • Annual Heartworm Test & Year-Round Heartworm Preventive given once each month.

  • Annual Internal Parasite Examination & Deworming as indicated.

  • Daily Exercise.

  • Constant Supply of Fresh, Clean Water.

  • Use CET CHEW-EEZtm or PRESCRIPTION DIET T/Dtm daily to aid in the prevention of dental disease. Examine the teeth regularly for the possible need for dental scaling & polishing.

  • Prevent Obesity. Extra pounds burden the heart, kidneys, joints, and muscles decreasing life expectancy 30 to 50%.

  • Flea & Tick Control

Feed the Highest Quality Food You Can Afford:

  • Premium pet foods are much more digestible and result in a healthier pet with less stool volume. Do not feed table scraps and snacks.

  • Grooming and Nail Trimming as Needed.

  • While you pet your dog daily, observe closely for any abnormalities, lumps, rashes, tumors, fleas, etc.

Establish a relationship with a veterinary clinic that keeps complete records, answers your questions, and provides 24-hour emergency service. It helps if your pet's medical records are available in an emergency situation. Keep your pet under control; don't let it run loose. Purchase an I.D. Tag to place on your pet's collar. Consider the advantages of having your pet neutered or spayed at an early age:

Female Dogs:

  • Prevent heat cycles attracting male dogs.

  • Prevent later uterine infections.

  • Prevent later uterine and breast cancer.

  • Prevent unwanted puppies.

Male Dogs:

  • When done at an early age, prevents unwanted behaviors such as territorial marking with urine, roaming, fighting, and aggressive behavior.

  • Medically indicated for the prevention of prostate cancer, testicular tumors, rectal tumors, etc.

Preventative health care is much more than just vaccinations!

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