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How To Bathe Your Pet

April 21, 2021

Steps For Proper Shampooing Your Pet:

  • Your pet's skin is quite different from human skin. It’s thinner, has no sweat glands, and has a different PH. Therefore most human shampoos are not satisfactory. Neither are many over-the-counter pet shampoo products, especially if your pet has any type of skin abnormality or disease.

  • Bathe your pet whenever it is dirty or smells bad. We recommend you routinely bathe your pet every 10-14 days to prevent excessively drying the hair coat.

  • Brush and comb out mats before the bath.

  • Pack cotton in the ears.

  • Lubricate the eyes with mineral oil, castor oil, Vaseline, or eye ointment to prevent burning or irritating the eyes with the soap or dipping solution.

  • Wet thoroughly before applying soap. Use Luke-warm water for the pet’s comfort. Use COOL water if your pet is “itchy.”

  • Thoroughly wet, add more water (instead of soap) to increase the lather.

  • Allow the soap lather to stand on your pet's body for 3-5 minutes. (Medicated soaps: 5-10 Minutes.) This step is very important!!

  • Use a sponge to wash the face. Using the fingers is better than any brush for lathering and scrubbing the skin!

  • RINSE THOROUGHLY to prevent skin irritation.

  • Repeat the soaping procedure if your pet is extremely dirty.

  • Squeeze hair to remove excess water before applying dip solution.

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