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How To Give Your Pet A Medicated Bath

April 14, 2021

For skin conditions to properly respond to therapy, you must correctly bathe your pet!

Brush and Comb out all mats before the bath.

Lubricate the eyes with eye ointment to prevent eye irritation from the soap.

Wet Thoroughly before applying soap. Use luke-warm water for your pet’s comfort.

Apply a small amount of the soap and Scrub in well with a soft brush or your fingers. Add more water, not more soap to get more lather. Medicated shampoos are very concentrated and will go a long way. A sponge can be used to wash the face. Using the fingers on the rest of the body is better than any brush for lathering and scrubbing the skin.

Allow the soap to stay on the pet’s body for 5 - 10 minutes. This step is very important.

Do not cheat!! Use a kitchen timer for the allotted time. It is very important the medication stay on the skin long enough to work!

After the allotted time, thoroughly rinse.

Repeat the soaping procedure if your pet is unusually dirtied.

Apply the Rinse or Dip Solution as instructed below:


Apply a small amount to the skin and rub in well. Add water to increase the lather. Rub in well and leave on your pet for 10 minutes. Then lightly rinse leaving some rinse residue on the skin.


Mix 4 tablespoons in 2 quarts of water. Scrub in well. Do not rinse off. Let your pet “drip dry” or “blow-dry.” Do not towel dry or rub the solution off. Rubber gloves should be worn to protect your hands. The product will stain your hands and the surroundings with a mild “yellow” color. The stain is easily removed with Clorox. Remove jewelry before using this product.


Mix_____ Ounces in _____ Quart(s) of Water. Scrub in well. Do not rinse off. Let “drip dry” or “blow-dry.” Do not towel dry.

If your pet gets wet after the dipping procedure, the bath and dip must be repeated again. It is important that the residue from the rinsing and dipping solutions remain on the skin between treatments.

Bathe and dip your pet every ______ days for _____ treatments.

Simply wetting the hair coat will not be effective. Correct application of the prescribed product. It is essential for the success of the therapy. <animal>’s recovery depends on you.

Contact us for any additional information or advice you need. We also offer medicated baths as one of our grooming services

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